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Water Hyancinth - Live Pond Plant

$6.50 - $30.50
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- Plant will be around 3 inches in diameter. These are grown plants, ready to reproduce.

- Water hyacinth will flower when the right condition is met.

- These oxygenating plants keep the water clean and filtered in your water garden.

- They serve as natural bio filters to your pond and hiding spots for smaller fish.

- 100% chemical free. Grow in my own pond.

- Controls algae by absorbing nutrients from the water

- Please note this plant ships with trimmed roots as sometimes they tend to fall off during transit due to heat. In case roots fall off upon receiving them, just place them in your pond and give them couple of weeks so they can re-establish themselves.

- WARNING: DO NOT release into natural waterways, ponds, or lakes. USDA regulates the sale of these plants and therefore they can not be shipped to HI, AL, AZ, FL, SC, TX, LA