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Random mixed colors Isopod

$14.00 - $24.00
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Random species of Isopods

I will try to include as many variety as possible.

Species that may be included.

- Cloud

- Dalmation

- Giant Canyon

- Orange & Giant Orange

- Pennypack Gold

- Power Blue

- Shinny Woodlouse

- Zebra

- Common Roly Poly






- Excellent terrarium janitors

- Help break down animal waste, leaf litter, and other plant debris

- No Shipping charge for this order



- Decaying leaves

- Decaying wood

- Speciality Isopod Diets -Fish food flakes

- Cuttlebone/ Calcium powder (Oyster Calcium are available on our website)

- Occasionally some vegetables


Check images for more indepth care guide.

Live arrive guarantee. Just send a photo if there's a problem.

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