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50+ Giant Duckweeds aquatic plant for Aquarium and pond

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The order is for 50+ Giant Duckweeds

Spirodela polyrhiza
Duckweed family (Lemnaceae)


- Excellent floating plants for aquarium or pond

- 10x Larger than normal duckweed

- 100% Chemical free and good filter plant

- Great treat for bigger fishes such as Goldfish and Koi

- Easy to growth plant with no special need

- 100% live arrival guarantee within 48 hours of receive.



Shipping and Guarantee: Item usually ship out within 1-2 days after purchased. Live arrival guarantee within 24 hours with a photo of the damage item. No refund will given after 24 hours. Shipping fee may not be refund.


Description: This floating aquatic plant consists of a single thallus (a body that combines the functions of leaf and stem). This thallus is 3-9 mm. long and 2.5-7 mm. across; it is oval, broadly obovate, or orbicular in shape and its outer margin is smooth. The texture of the thallus is slightly succulent and it is filled with minute pockets of air, enabling it to float. The upper thallus surface is light to medium green, while the lower thallus surface is usually purplish red (rarely light green); both surfaces are glabrous and nearly flat. Toward one side of the upper surface of each thallus, there is a single node that is often red.