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10+ Random color Ramshorn Snails (Adult size 1/4"+)

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Adult size Ramshorn Snails

- 10+ random color Ramshorn Snail (red, blue, black, brown, leopard, etc.)
- 100% Healthy Snails
- Live arrival guarantee- contact within 24 hours after receiving snails
- Snails are around 1/4 inches + (Will not eat live plants.)
- Reproduces easily in freshwater aquariums. Great live food starter colony for puffers/etc!

- Important: young Blue ramshorn are brown in color and will change to blue as they mature.

Shipping and Guarantee: Item usually ship out within 1-2 days after purchased. Live arrival guarantee within 24 hours with a photo of the damage item. No refund will given after 24 hours. Shipping fee may not be refund.

Colors will be random and no refund if you didn't receive the color that you wanted.

Description & Care:
Ramshorn will consume any fish foods. They will also eat vegetables such as carrot and pea. Ramshorn snails will not consume live plant but will eat dead plant matter.

Recommend and tank parameter:
It's a good idead to give them calcium supplement for healthy shell. You can purchase oyster calcium supplement tablet through my store or use Cuttlebone. If you purchasing calcium tablet from other make sure there's no Vitamin D in it. 

- PH level range: 7.0 and up 
- Temperature range: 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit 
- Water type: Soft to hard


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