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15+ Bladder snail (Junenile size)

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15+ Bladder snail

(Bladder/Tadpole snails).
(Juvile size)

- 15+ Bladder snails (1/8"+)
- 100% Healthy Snails.
- Live arrival guarantee- contact within 48 hours after receiving snails with photo
- Excellent algae eater

- Bladder snails shell and color is varies (black, brown or leopard spots)
- Reproduces easily in freshwater aquariums. Great live food starter colony for puffers/etc!

- Important: pond snails will reproduce faster as you feed them more often. To control the population feed less often and lower the water temperature.

Description & Care:
Bladder Snails are the most common species of freshwater snail. They are considered both useful and a pest. They can reproduce quickly often causing overpopulation. The eggs are clear jelly like clutches laid on glass and hardscape and can be easily removed.

Bladder snails are omnivorous and will consume plants and food meant for other invertebrates. Any excess food should be removed from the tank as to not encourage population outbreak. They are suitable in a community tank and will do fine with other shrimp and invertebrate.


Recommend and tank parameter:
It's a good idead to give them calcium supplement for healthy shell. You can purchase oyster calcium supplement tablet through my store or use Cuttlebone. If you purchasing calcium tablet from other make sure there's no Vitamin D in it. 

- PH level range: 7.0 and up 
- Temperature range: 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit 
- Water type: Soft to hard